2D/3D Mapping & Survey With Drones

Mapping, Photogrammetry & GIS


Our aerial drone systems can take significantly higher resolution images than current satellite or manned aircraft.  Our drones are equipped with state of the art cameras and sensors that allow for easy and quick capture of aerial data. Collected data is then transformed into 2D orthomosaics and 3D models for analysis.

Our software generates output files that can be manipulated in popular CAD and GIS programs such as ArcGIS and others. The geo-referenced aerial maps can have sub centimeter resolution. Millions of data points can be collected within a short period of time. Underbrush, creeks, rivers, rocks and extreme topography impedes site inspections.  Our drones minimize the risk to ground crews.  All this leads to cost efficiency, a quicker decision process and safety. The bottom line, aerial data is easily transformed into actionable information.

Our drones allow you to conveniently plan and plot mapping projects, explore a certain route, quickly scan an entire area and create high-resolution images using LIDAR technology.

Our drone surveying services and drone mapping services may include:

  • Over viewing certain population density,

  • Demographics,

  • Observing water quality and supply.

  • Surveying of industrial land areas

  • Topographical surveys

  • Mapping of cities and towns for general land use areas planning


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